OxyCarb - Carboxy or Oxygen therapy
OxyCarb - Carboxy or Oxygen therapy
OxyCarb - Carboxy or Oxygen therapy

OxyCarb - Carboxy or Oxygen therapy

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Co2 has proved to help tighten the skin and rejuvenate the cells, making them look way younger. OxyCarb is portable equipment designed to inject medical CO2 in a precise speed flow and exact dose. OxyCarb also delivers oxygen through a hose attached to a mask on a person's face. What can regulate this flow? Obviously, when the user wants to deliver oxygen must use a medical oxygen tank instead of CO2.

The equipment includes:

  • CO2 or Oxygen tank  (1) aluminum (empty) customer must choose
  • CO2 or Oxygen Regulator with hose
  • Sampling line with filter (2)
  • Needles (10)
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Suitecase for traveling
  • Clear face masks (sold apart) 



How does CO2 (carbon Dioxide) work?

Carbon dioxide reacts with water molecules in the tissue, and molecular carbonic acid is formed. This acid reduces the tissue pH. Here, the Bohr Effect comes into play – the lower the pH, the weaker the bond between hemoglobin and oxygen. While carboxytherapy is being applied, oxygen from hemoglobin is released. In addition, at the pH level of 6.8 and less, the permeability of capillary walls is increased. At the pH of 6, 5, and less, the flexibility of collagen fibers is increased, while their firmness is decreased [2-4,8-10,13]. Other chemical reactions include the reduction of divalent calcium ions and the split of carbonic acid to H+ and HCO3- resulting in the formation of calcium hydrogen carbonate– Ca (HCO3)2, sodium hydrogen carbonate, and potassium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3 and KHCO3).

As a reaction, pH becomes alkaline, leading to an analgesic and spasmolytic effect. The tonus of arteries and capillaries decreases, and one °C increases the skin temperature. This effect, combined with the changed activity of nerve endings, improves the trophic of the treated localities. At the same time, oxidation of fats from the fatty cells is activated, whereby some authors state that there is a direct lipolytic effect on adipocytes [6,8,9,12,20]. The lungs exhale the residual CO2. Other effects of carboxytherapy, the overall effects are also described, which lead to dilatation of coronary arteries, bradycardia, and decreased blood pressure.

How to Apply CO2?

The application of carbon dioxide in dermatology and aesthetic medicine requires special devices. We have created BellaCarbo, a device connected through a reduction valve directly with the bomb filled with purified CO2. The gas flows under 2.5 to 3.5 bar (i.e., 250 000-350 000 Pa, 1875-2625 Torr). For the application itself, the parameters (gas flow in ml/min, overall volume in ml) are selected and set individually depending on indication and site. Injections are made using a 30G mesotherapy needle, which may be e 4, 12, or 13 mm long. The gas installation is controlled by using a foot pedal.

The injection angle is of great importance. In the superficial subcutaneous application, the angle comprises 30°. The elevation of the tissue is visible, which is used to treat skin problems on the face and décolleté and improve the appearance of stretch marks.

In deeper intradermal application of gas, the injection angle comprises 45°, whereby this type of application is used to reduce fatty tissue.

Depending on the expertise of the therapist and on the extent of the treated localities, one session takes between 20-40 minutes, whereby the total volume of applied carbon dioxide amounts to 5-50 ml on the face (in physiotherapy, higher volumes are injected, of about 20-200 ml per session). The volumes range from 200 to 1000 ml on the trunk and the extremities. It is necessary to avoid or eliminate application into vessels (as it causes hematoma).

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