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Vacuum Nano Special!

Small and powerful machine for butt lifting, Colombian lifting, includes buttock and body cups plus the suitcase, new features on it: Hot and Cold therapy, ready to start! ideal for treatments on the go, either way for the business of your personal health

Vacuum Nano Specials

BellaSkin Equipment

With the idea that professionals in this area would have the opportunity to start or keep up with the leading edge of new technology or trends in the aesthetic market, teams BellaSkin was designed to be of excellent quality, give excellent results in treatments, and what is more important for some is that the cost of BellaSkin equipment are fair and not exaggerated, like those of some other manufacturers in this market and is the sum of all of this that makes professionals each day choose this option, which is currently the best on the market since it has the excellent quality, excellent design, and excellent price.
BellaSkin doesn’t have a wide variety of pieces of equipment, but we do not see this as a factor because we did something much greater, we combined various equipment in our three models allowing you to perform a full treatment with just one piece of equipment. 

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BellaSkin offers a variety of beauty items for the body, face ,and other needs as well.

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when is about vacuum for buttock lifting, BellaSkin is the one!

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