Electric Acupncture Pen #454

Electric Acupncture Pen #454

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$79.00 USD
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The acupuncture pen is an advanced acupuncture pen that not only detects the body’s acupoints and meridians, it also offers electro acupuncture treatment to these channels for effective body relief, and balancing of the bodily meridians. By balancing the bodily meridians, we are able to allow the free flow of chi energy to the associated bodily organs, which thereby leads to good health. Meridian channels that are blocked from the flow of chi energy invariably leads to diseased bodily organs.

Adjustable frequency and intensity.

Includes: mini gel container, 1 adhesive electrode, 1 electrode cable and acupuncture pen

Power source: battery not included

The purpose of the pen is to be able to locate exactly where a certain meridian point is supposed to be located, based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory. The old eastern medicine idea was that there was this mystical energy inside all living beings called chi. There are certain areas or channels in the human body which have more chi than usual running through them.

The device works on the principle that pain can be relieved through the production of electrical current that is sent to the nerves underneath the skin to stimulate them.

The electric acupuncture pen displays numbers from 0 to 500. The maximum number refers to the nearest, if not the exact location of the acupoint. In addition, a green LED indicator will stay lit until the acupoint is located.

Adjustable frequency from 1 – 16Hz. This flexible range allows the user to adjust the stimulation to a more comfortable setting.

The electric acupuncture pen is capable of detecting meridians by interpreting the skin’s electrical resistance. While scanning the skin, the pen reads the local electrical resistance of the specific area. The lesser the resistance, the closer it is to the acupoint.

The electric acupuncture pen has a digital LCD display that is capable of showing numeric values from 0 to 500. The greater the value, the nearer is the device to the acupoint. Consequently, the lowering of the skin’s electric resistance raises the number in the LCD display. When the metal probe detects an acupoint, the device also creates a sound signal that helps inform the user that an acupoint has been detected. With the electric acupuncture pen, one can have the benefits of acupuncture treatment without the use of needles.

With the application of electro acupuncture, the use of needles is not necessary. The stimulation probe (tip of the device) is a modern spring type probe that offers consistent and comfortable acupressure and electro acupuncture to the acupoints. It serves as the stimulant, releasing muscular tension from the channels, promoting blood circulation and enhancing QI to aid in self-regeneration.

When activating the stimulation mode on the electric acupuncture pen, one can enjoy treatment in a continuous electric pulse ranging from 1 to 16Hz, fully adjustable by simply turning the frequency dial.

Note:  No medical claims are expressed or implied. It is recommended that if you are sick or unhealthy in any way that you seek the services of a professional medical health practitioner. It is not recommended that you use this device without being supervised by a professional medical health care professional.

Item # 454


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